Easy breakfast ideas For Busy People

Easy breakfast ideas; Breakfast is important to get your metabolism going again after sleep, give you energy for the rest of the day and increase your concentration. That sugar dip mid-morning can be avoided with the right breakfast.

Even if you leave in a rush in the morning, you can throw together a quick, nutritious breakfast.

Try to have a mix of some slow burning carbs like whole grain bread, some fiber, like fruit, a little calcium in milk or yoghurt and if you wish, some protein like egg or meat and try to limit the amount of added sugar. It just takes a little planning.

Think of the things you might like to have for the week and make sure you’ve got them in your fridge and pantry and prepared what you can the night before. Here are some easy breakfast ideas.

  • Power shake:

Blend your favorite fruit in a blender until it’s smooth. Try different combinations and add milk or yoghurt, also coconut water and a raw egg if you wish. You could also try berries, apple, orange, banana and flavor with lemon and mint.

A tip – banana is good for texture. And if you peel bananas cut into pieces, put in a zip lock bag and freeze. Add to the blender with the other ingredients for a lovely icy cold shake.

  • Yoghurt sundae:

Layer natural yoghurt and mixed berries in a glass or bowl. You can even make this the night before and chill, saving you precious time during your morning routine.

  • Oatmeal:

Warm oatmeal or porridge can be seasoned with fruit and spice. Try cinnamon, grated apple and chopped nuts for added texture.

  • Eggs:

A known super food, eggs are an excellent source of protein. Try an omelet of 3-4 whisked whole eggs or egg whites and cooked with some chopped vegetables, leftovers are great. Scramble eggs or boil or poach and serve with wholegrain toast.

  • Fish:

Perhaps not an obvious choice in some countries, but very popular in others. Why not smoked salmon with an egg or even a tin of sardines? Fish contains essential omega 3, trusted by many as a preventative for many cancers and cardiovascular disease.

  • Fresh fruit:

Fresh fruit with cottage cheese on wholegrain toast is a great combination of fiber, protein and vitamin C. Alternatively you can add fruit to a Muesli and yoghurt breakfast.

  • Sandwiches:

To most people, a sandwich seems like a no-brainer with regards to lunch. But not all sandwiches are created equal. Make sure you choose whole-grain bread. You may also try sprouted-grain bread, which is a raw food. Then, give a small chicken breast or a can of tuna and finish it off with two tablespoons of light mayo, mustard. If at all possible, garnish your sandwich with vegetables like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, onions, carrots and much more. Vegetables are low in calorie content and, therefore, are great for your body.

  • Rice Bowl:

You’ve choices Either make the rice the night time before or look for frozen rice inside your supermarket that are ready to eat after just three minutes within the microwave. Cut up a cooked, boneless, skinless chicken breast and add two tablespoons teriyaki sauce. For a vegetarian option, consider utilizing tofu instead of chicken; for health advantages, consider brown rice rather than white.

  • Pasta:

Eating pasta for supper means a little preparation the night time before. The best thing to do would be to make a large amount of pasta for supper, and then eat the leftovers for supper. For lunch, combine one cup of cooked pasta, Four to five ounces of lean hamburger and some marinara sauce to taste. Adding cheese helps make the meal more delicious, but it also adds unnecessary calories and fat. If you’re not into steak, feel free to substitute chicken or catch beef.

  • Cottage cheese:

Cottage cheese is a healthy and delicious light choice for when you’re on the go and don’t have enough time for a production. Mix half a mug of low-fat cottage cheese with healthy additions for example fruit, almonds or granola, which add substance.