Healthy Dinner Recipes For Kids

When thinking of healthy dinner recipes for kids , it can become a daunting task. This is for the simple reason that they can be very picky and stubborn during meal times. Therefore, when making a meal plan and deciding what foods to feed them, you need to keep things like color, nutrition and great taste in mind.

 What should you consider when making Healthy Dinner Recipes for Kids?

  1. Buy fresh ingredients:

While it is tempting to give kids processed foods such as cereal and canned foods, it is important to remember that you are responsible for their health. Therefore, purchase as many organic foods as possible, from fruits to vegetables.

  1. Cook Meals that work for both kids and adults:

With a hectic schedule, it is hard to create meals for 2 sets of mouth in the home each night. Therefore, choose recipes that will appeal to both teams. Kids actually enjoy eating what they can see on an adult’s plate compared to their own.

  1. Prepare the meals with your kids:

This is yet another way to spend time while creating healthy dinner recipes for kids . Let them get messy and creative in the kitchen with you so they will want to eat something they helped to make.

  1. Try and introduce one type of food at a time:

In order for your kids to appreciate different tastes, there is need to introduce one thing at a time. This is a good way to not only know if they like it or not, but also to determine if they may have allergic reactions to it.

  1. Have some color in the meal:

Kids respond positively to foods with color. Keep this in mind when making a dinner plan.

  1. The whole family should eat at the same time:

This is a good way to train the child about meal times. It is also a good time, again, to bond as a family over a meal.

 Fun Dinner Recipes to Try

  • Spaghetti and meatballs:

This is a true classic when it comes to dinner recipes. The meatballs can be made of chicken or turkey to give it that healthy edge and the breadcrumbs made from whole wheat bread. It is not only tasty but also take a short time to prepare.

  • Chicken and Veggie Pizza:

This is the very definition of tasty and healthy. Using chicken and an array of vegetables such as corn, kale, tomatoes, broccoli and any others you can think of as the topping will have your kids having a fun pizza night as well as enjoying a nutritious meal

  • Chicken Nuggets and Rice/Potato wedges:

This is a good and healthier alternative to fast food. The chicken nuggets can be cut into fun animal shapes for a more exciting dish. The rice is a nice alternative to fries, but should they want the full fast food experience, you can oven bake your potato wedges and add a side of veggies that the kids will enjoy.

  • Lasagna:

This is a meal that will also allow you to incorporate dairy, vegetables, proteins and grains. You can also use chicken, turkey or even sausage as the meat of the recipe. You can use low fat cheese where possible and you can also add vegetables as you go along. It takes a little under an hour to prepare and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

  • Cheesy Broccoli and Potato Mash:

In the quest to make a wide variety of foods you can add vegetables when making healthy dinner, mash potato is one of the most versatile dishes to modify. Adding some cheese and chopped broccoli into the potato mash will not only give it color, but encourage kids to eat their vegetables.