Simple Dinner Ideas

Nothing satisfies a person more after a tiring day than the most significant meal of the day that is dinner. It is that part of the day’s meal which helps a person let enjoy himself to the fullest and wake up with a fresh mind in the morning. After a tiring day each one of us has a craving for delicious food. But, for most of the people it is very difficult to cook food on their own. So, here are some simple dinner ideas that can help in making every night’s meal more enjoyable and delicious.

When it comes to Rolls, even the scent of it is so much mouth-watering. Rolls can be vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian depending upon how a person likes it. It is very easy to make rolls itself. All you need is a circle shaped chapatti, spread over it the vegies or chicken or anything else needed and then some cheese on the top roll the chapatti, bake this chapatti and enjoy it with a drink.

Chicken and salads both are believed to have acquired top positions in list of some of the delicious food of all times. So here is a combination of both that has the strength to make anyone more hungry for itself. Take some vegetables of your choice in a bowl, add some olive oil and then cooked chicken chunks. Mix the ingredients in the bowl. Enjoy it with any sauce of your choice and a drink.

SUB is a kind of burger and is one of the most traditional and easy to make dish. A 6-inch SUB can easily satisfy a person hunger and is also very delicious to eat. Making a SUB is a very easy task. Take a 6-inch sub and then make a slit. Take some vegetables of your choice and insert it between the slit, add cheese into the slit and bake it into the oven till cheese melts. Chicken can also be added into the slit for a non-vegetarian loving person. Wrap the SUB and enjoy it with a drink.

Biryani is a traditional food. It is consumed in almost all parts of the world. It has improved in taste and variants a lot in the last decade. The process of making biryani at home is quite easy. For a vegetarian biryani, take some boiled rice and fry it with vegetables and add spices according to the taste. Similarly, for a non-vegetarian biryani take some boiled rice and fry it with chicken and vegetables, also add spices to it according to the taste. Serve the dish and enjoy it with a drink.

Salad is a traditional and an essential part of any meal. To make a vegetarian salad take some vegetables cut them down in a bowl, add spices and lemon according to the taste. Also olive oil can be added to improve the taste. Salad can be served with any of the dishes.