The modus operandi of hamburgers

Because many of the damage caused by the record hamburgers in restaurants, offer you Madam easy and delicious way to help make healthy Hamburger free of disadvantages. Here are all the ingredients that you need in the preparation of this dish.

The amounts of hamburgers

A kilo of veal or lamb
A tablespoon of flour
One egg
black pepper
A tablespoon of salt
A century of green chili, chopped
Little cinnamon
Little frying oil
Bread hamburger

Decorate sandwich ingredients hamburgers

Slices of tomatoes
Lettuce leaf
Rings of onion

How to prepare

Use a meat chopping machine to chop all of the meat and onions.
Mix the egg, green pepper, flour, salt and spices with chopped meat.
Now Put two tablespoons or a little more than chopped meat in a metal ring and pressure them to be able to get in the form of hamburgers.
Then put a hamburger with a little oil in a frying pan to mature.
Open hamburger bread than half my situation inside each of mayonnaise, lettuce leaf, then the meat, and Put tomatoes and onion ring.